Why Activation Exercises Are The Missing Piece In Your Training Routine!
GLUTES Are All The Rage Right Now...
EVERYONE is talking about building strong glutes, or butt cheeks, these days. 

And there is a reason for this glute obsession...

Strong, toned glutes not only look amazing but they can be key to helping us prevent common injuries and issues such as:
- Lower Back Pain
- Hip Pain
- Knee Pain
- Hamstring Strains
- IT Band Issues....
And not only can strong glutes help us prevent injury, or even flare ups of previous injuries, they can also help us run faster and lift more, not to mention stay functionally stronger as we get older.

So for all you men out there that think the glute obsession is just for women...If you want to be more powerful in your sport? You'd better stop ignoring those butt cheeks!

But the solution to building stronger glutes isn't as simple as SQUAT MORE. Or even deadlift more...As important as those moves are to a proper training routine.


All too often we are doing those amazing compound moves but NOT seeing the results that we want. 

And this is because our daily posture has created imbalances and compensations that have caused our glutes to become underactive, and sometimes even just one side to become weaker. 

Our mind-body connection, our ability to properly and efficiently recruit our glutes during compound moves, has been interrupted.

Now you may be thinking..."Ok. But how can I stand or walk or run if my glutes aren't firing?"

Your glutes ARE firing, they just aren't necessarily working optimally. 

Ever feel your lower back or hamstrings working more than your glutes during a glute bridge? 

Is the answer YES!? 

Well you aren't alone. 

And the crazy part is, that's even during a more ISOLATED movement that you feel these other muscles compensating! We struggle to get our glutes, which are the main focus of that bridge move (I mean it's called a GLUTE bridge for a reason haha), to work as they should! 

Because when our glutes are underactive, other muscles will "join in" to help us replicate a movement. And often these muscles that jump in to assist are working more than they should be. 

When muscles are recruited during moves and asked to do more work than they should, they end up overloaded and this can lead to INJURY.

That is why Activation Exercises are so key to include BEFORE our cardio or weight training sessions.

So what are Activation Exercises?
What Are Activation Exercises? And Why Do They Help?
You know those exercises that look like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant?

Or the Jane Fonda-esque side lying leg lifts that you feel you need leg warmers on to do?

Well those silly looking moves, may be just what you need if you want to avoid injury and really get your glutes activated!
Activation Exercises are isolation exercises done for higher reps with lighter loads meant to really target specific muscles so we can establish the mind-body connection and get those muscles working properly without other muscles trying to compensate and work instead.

With these moves, you'll often feel that BURN really add up, which can then help you utilize your glutes correctly during your compound exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, or even during your runs.

Think about the day after you've worked an area of your body and it's a bit sore...say your abs....

The next day during your workout, you'll feel your abs potentially working during moves you didn't even notice them engaging in before. You're more AWARE of the muscle because of that previous work.

By doing glute activation, you're helping yourself become aware of that muscle to better utilize it during your training.

You aren't trying to fatigue your glutes with these isolated moves done prior to your workouts, but more "wake them up" so you can better recruit them during the other exercises.

And these moves are the perfect way to rebuild if you've been sidelined with an injury. We have to remember the best REHAB routine, is a PREHAB one.

By doing these activation exercises, we can strengthen our glutes if they've become weak even due to previous injuries.

Ever heard your hip flexors are also tight and that is causing your pain?

Well the extra BONUS of glute activation moves is that they unlock tight hip flexors!

So if you're short on time during your warm up? You can use glute activation moves to also STRETCH OUT YOUR HIPS!

These activation moves do this through what's called RECIPROCAL INHIBITION.

By engaging your glutes, you can actually inhibit your hip flexors. So by activating your glutes, you drive your hips into extension and stretch out your hips!


AND on top of the injury prevention and hip mobility benefits of glute activation moves, they can even lead to muscle hypertrophy aka building your butt!

Ever do those band walks and just want to grab your butt after because it burns so much and you really feel the muscle pumped?

The BURN that you feel from these higher rep, isolation exercises, where the muscle's under constant tension, means you've created metabolic stress. And one of the drivers of muscle growth? Well it's metabolic stress!

So while weights are key too, if you do want to get stronger, and build a perky butt, activation moves can help!

And the best part is, you don't have to spend hours in the gym to get results!

All you need to do is include activation exercises in a quick series BEFORE your workouts to exponentially increase the benefits of your training and get better results faster.

Plus, if you're ever short on time or traveling, a glute activation series may be all you need to stay on track and moving forward. And the best part is, you can easily do them right in your living room or hotel room!

STOP skipping this oh so important piece of your training routine. Start including glute activation moves in your workouts TODAY! 

To help you get started with some amazing series, I've created my Booty Burner System!
Prevent The Pain And Get Better Results Faster With The Booty Burner System!
I suffered a severe hip injury years ago. I was deadlifting close to 300lbs and thought everything must be working correctly if I could lift that much. And I'd never had a problem until all of the sudden....BAM! severe pain and limping around for weeks.

It was then I realized that, while I didn't think I had a problem...I really did.

My glutes weren't activating correctly. 

My body was compensating to lift the weight and, because I was overloading muscles that couldn't and shouldn't handle the load, I ended up injured.
But nothing I did seemed to activate my glutes well enough...I tried squatting since I'd read that was the best butt exercise. But it didn't work. I tried lifting heavy for my glutes. I tried just stretching and rolling my hips. 

Nothing was really "sticking" and every few weeks, my hip injury would flare back up. 

I needed to find a way to really get my glutes working properly!

That is when I created the Booty Burner System.

By putting together isolation exercises to target the glutes from every angle, I could work all three gluteal muscles and improve my hip stability and mobility. I could use high volume with low resistance and really get them pumped and burning. 

I used moves that activated the glutes better and allowed me to contract my glutes harder.

I created a system that helped me unlock my hips and activate my glutes in record time

Which not only has kept my hip injury from ever returning, but also gave me some nice firm glutes which don't look too shabby either!

So if you're ready to get strong, sexy glutes and unlock those tight hips to prevent pain and help you run faster and lift more WITHOUT injury, then it's time to try my Booty Burner Program!
Activate Your Glutes And See Results FAST!
 Get My Booty Burner Program!
In my Booty Burner Program, I've laid everything out for you. I've tested the workouts and exercises myself and on my clients. 

These are workouts that will help you get your glutes working to not only build strong, sexy glutes but also help you prevent injury and lift more and run faster!

With your Booty Burner Program, you'll learn how to isolate and activate your glutes. You'll also even strengthen your core from every angle as strong abs also help prevent pain and injury!

These workouts are based on my Booty Burner System and focus on creating that pump in your glutes while also making sure to work all THREE gluteal muscles.
This helps improve hip stability and develop a firm, strong butt!

The workouts are all just under 15 minutes too and can be added on as part of your warm up, as a burner or even done on their own as a great glute-focused workout!

They use isolation movements to target your glutes. Bodyweight exercises, and moves using light resistance in the form of mini bands, allow you to get a harder contraction. And then by adding a bit more volume using these isolation exercises you'll really get that pump and burn!

So if you're ready to start getting even better results from your workouts and the strong, sexy, ACTIVATE glutes you want, it's time to join my Booty Burner Program!
Can The Booty Burner Help You? A Few Of My Clients' Experiences...
What You'll Get With My Booty Burner Program...
You want strong, sexy glutes and abs to prevent pain and injury. Heck, maybe you even want to run faster and lift more.

BUT you don't necessarily have a ton more time to spend working out. And maybe you even want something quick and easy you can do at home...

That is why I created these under 15-minute booty burner workouts requiring only a mini band, bench and your own bodyweight. They can be done as part of your current routine, on recovery days or even as a program on their own. 

And they can even be done at home or when you travel! (Actually I LOVE this routine for when I travel. It can be done in the hotel room AND it opens up my hips after driving or flying!)
All of the routines come in an easy-to-follow e-book you can download to any device. AND the quick review images in the book help remind you of all of the movements in case you forget!

BUT if you prefer to FOLLOW ALONG AND WORKOUT WITH ME, there are also VIDEO WORKOUTS you can do to help you master the moves and stay on track. 

PLUS, if you are new to a move, you have access to a complete exercise library with videos, pictures and written descriptions of all of the moves to help guide you.

And on top of the Booty Burner Program, I'm also going to give you my 5 Bulletproof Your Body Burner Workout Videos. These quick mobility series will help you foam roll and stretch commonly tight muscles and activate underactive ones to avoid injury and loosen up!

So whether you've had foot and ankle issues or even knee pain in the past, these mobility series are a great addition to your routine.

And in case you want that extra fun and killer bodyweight cardio routine to do with your Booty Burners, you'll get my 5 Rapid Fat Blaster Workout E-book to help you burn more fat and build more muscle for a strong and sexy core.

Plus, since getting results from your workouts also means dialing in your diet, I'm going to give you two of my FAVORITE recipes guides including, the 10 Sweet Treats Recipe Guide and the 5 Make-Ahead Healthy Casserole Recipes Guide.

So if you're ready to activate, strengthen and tone those glutes, click below to get all of these great programs and guides TODAY:
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